Master of Tactics
Last update 13 October 2014


System Wide
Game unresponsive and crashes on Oracle VM WebUpd8
   The sound system does not support feature "Master Gain" (change volume). This failure causes repeated spawning
   of a sound thread.
   Fixed in version 1.10

Mouse Clicks Lost
   Fixed in version 1.10

New Game Window
Bears race settings did not use all points available.
   Fixed in version 1.02

Game crashes and disappears without any notification or information
The Java VM has likely written a pid file. You can send me this file for analysis, however the files I have seen so far indicate the program ran out of memory
Fixed in version 1.04.

Games are not saved (Save does not show an error but no game is saved)
Some installations have a read only saves folder which causes a permission denied error saving a game.
Solution 1 - Manually modify the saves folder giving users write access.
Solution 2 - Right click on the icon on the desktop, go to properties and then click on 'advanced' and then check the box 'run as administrator' apply and hit ok.
Solution 3 - Do not install game in Program Files folder.
Fix in version 1.04, email support if this problem persists.

Unable to write file settings.xml due to error settings.xml (Access Denied)
Some installations have a read only install directory which causes a permission denied error when new game is created and when the log is updated.
Solution 1 - Manually modify the install directory giving users write access.
Solution 2 - Right click on the icon on the desktop, go to properties and then click on 'advanced' and then check the box 'run as administrator' apply and hit ok.
Solution 3 - Do not install game in Program Files folder.
Fix in version 1.03, email support if this problem persists.

Battle Window
Retreated craft can fire weapons
   By pressing the 'retreat' and 'fire weapons' at the same time, you may attack from a craft already retreated.
   Fixed in 1.09

Weapon Fire Miss Animation fires at distant location
   If weapon fire misses target just before a teleport weapon has fired successfully, the weapon fire miss is animated
   at the location the craft will move too
   Fixed in 1.08

Next craft to move gives 'crafts of a higher initiative waiting to move'
   If the user requests a craft to wait and then the craft surrenders, the craft is not removed from the
   user's craft waiting list
   Fixed in 1.08

Weapon Sleep causes error
   If sleep weapon is fired at a planet it causes an error
   Fixed in 1.08

Missiles Movement and Shield Burst Animations can appear in wrong location
   Threading issue could cause animation for Missile Move and Shields Burst to appear in wrong location
   Fixed in 1.08

Craft or Missile stop moving (sometimes)
   Retarget beam does not change the movement linkage to the new target and Missile targeted at stations do not link
   Fixed in 1.08

Retarget Beam does not discharge
   Retarget beam can be fired infinite times in a single turn and auto fires at missiles already retargeted
   Fixed in 1.08

Sleep Decorator Missing from Build
   Sleep animation config is missing which causes the renderer to fail after the sleep weapon has been fired successfully
   (the battle is working but the graphics will not all display - press the complete button to move on)
   Fixed in 1.08

Plague Strike displays Bot Attack Animation
   At the end of a battle turn crafts struck with the effects of plague create the wrong type of animation
   Fixed in 1.08

Craft does not disappear until after its explosion is finished
   When the last craft in a battle is destroyed in a battle the craft appears under its explosion (sometimes)
   Fixed in 1.08

Window jumps up and down
   During multiple active animations, the battle window the focus can jump between animations
   Fixed in version 1.07

Firing a single droid mine discharges other droid mine weapons
   Placing multiple droid mines on a single craft required all droid mines to be fired at the same target
   Fixed in version 1.07

Weapon Time Warp does not work on express mode
   The time warp weapon recharges all weapons and grants craft another move. But on express
   click the weapons and movement are then discharged
   Fixed in version 1.07

Tooltips do not show in Battle Window
   Fixed in version 1.07

Some weapons like Space Distortion cannot be destroyed on a planet in a battle
   Fixed in version 1.06

Some crafts disappear at the end of battle for no reason (sometimes)
   If the last weapon to fire is a detonator, the animation is lost so you do not see some crafts being destroyed
   Fixed in version 1.05

Galaxy Window
Jumpy Scrolling.
   Dragging the galaxy map to scroll (pan) the view is jumpy.
   Fixed in version 1.10

Can't attack at a Black Hole.
   Fixed in version 1.07

Coloniser is not removed from map after colonising a planet (and disappears when you click on it).
   Fixed in version 1.06

Solar System Windows
Project progress bar shows incorrect percentage of project completed
   When a craft project's construction uses salvage the salvage is removed so costs calculated by progress
   bar are incorrect.
   Fixed in version 1.10

Mining Colonies request a Project
   Successful sabotage of population on a mining colony sets the population to 1, making it a real colony too.
   Fixed in version 1.08

Change Project Button does not refresh Details Panel.
   Changing a planet's status from 'No Project' to any project (or vice versa) changes the output of a planet
   because unused production is converted to money. Therefore the output panel needs refreshing!
   Fixed in version 1.07

Build project on all idle colonies actually builds the project on all colonies.
   It can also be used to build invalid projects on other planets.
   Fixed in version 1.06

Craft Design Button does not update list of available craft designs to build.
   Fixed in version 1.06

Craft Design Windows
Can't remove last technology
   Removing the last, scanner, shield, weapon, special or computer leaves technology showing after removal.
   Fixed in version 1.10

Craft Design Screens - layout issues
   Some tool tips descriptions do not fit in 1024 pixel width.
   Once player has discovered most technologies, available technology list does not fit in 768 pixel height.
   Fixed in version 1.05

Resourceful players can get two automated repair units
   Fixed in version 1.04

Right click on specials does not remove
   Fixed in version 1.04

Research Window
When all technologies have been discovered, end turn opens a blank window
   Research Window is open requesting a new research project when none are available
   Fixed in version 1.04

Planet Invasion Window
Displays lose message after successful invasion
   Fixed in version 1.10