Master of Tactics
Master of Tactics:
This game has been in development for over 10 years as was published in 2013. It was developed and published long before mobirix published a game of the same name. My game is free to download and play. There are no adverts, no tracking, no DRM. Developing this game has been my hobby for most of my adult life.

If you enjoy my game, spread the word. Write a review on a gaming website or publish article. I love to hear from players so email me and make suggestions or report any issues.

Download Latest Build (version 1.16):

 Windows EXE Installer

 Binaries in a ZIP File
 Requires Java
 Mac, Linux, Windows
 No Install Required

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You can find a list of all downloads here with a description of what was new for each version.

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Java 1.6 or later
  • 2 Ghz CPU, 4 Mb Memory
  • 50 Mb Hard Drive
  • Windows XP
  • Linux, Mac
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