Master of Tactics
Master of tactics is a new turn based strategy game with all the tactics of civilisation without the work. Why get tied down with build queues, when you can get busy with strategy?

  Start a new game by selecting galaxy size, race and difficulty. Games in a small galaxy can be played in a few hours.

 Custom Race Design - Over 20 options available
 Dynamic Map Generation - No two games are the same
 Map Editor - Make your own scenarios
  Explore your galaxy and colonise new Worlds.

 Planets - Colonise as many planets as you can
 Strategic Resources - Fight for control of strategic resources
 Influence - Control sectors of space
 Relics & Prizes - Explore to find bonuses
  Solar systems contain planets which are the core of your empire.

 Planets - No micro management of a planets development
 Build - Crafts, Weapons, Outposts, Space Stations...
 Simple - Manage production, ecology and research
  Communicate with other players in the game.

 Espionage - Steel Technology, Sabotage Planets of Defend
 Treaties - War, Peace, Non Aggression, Trade, Alliance...
 Trade - Swap Technology, Planets or Money
  Design your own custom craft from hundreds of different technologies. Imagine strategies even the designer did not think of!

 Custom Craft Design - Hundreds of technologies
 Attack Types - Weapons are NOT all the same
 Invent - Craft design is Strategy Central here
  Attack (or be attacked) other players, ancients or monsters in the galaxy. Watch how your craft designs actually work.

 Tactical Battles - Enjoy your battles or press Complete
 Complex - Outcome depends on opposing strategies
 Damage - Physical, Engine, Psi, Shield, Crew...

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